Monday, September 28, 2009


The small coastal strip between Bremore and Gormonstown is among the most beautiful and unspoiled coastal areas left on the east coast of Ireland. Along the shoreline are a series of Neolithic burial mounds which seem to be connected and may be older than similar mounds on the bend of the Boyne and closely connected to them. It has been claimed that Bremore may be the landing point for the first organized settlers to Ireland, here they lived and buried their dead. Close by are some of the oldest sites we have, including Ballyrothery, Knocknaggin, Four Knocks, New Grange, Dowth, Knowth and of course the Hill of Tara, twenty miles inland where the settlers of Bremore may have later established their sacred center. It is the sort of place most countries would cherish and a picture-post card view of what the world loves about our land, it provides a much needed amenity, it is home to much wildlife and migrating water fowl and its waters are home to rare seal colonies.
However all this may soon be bulldozed to make room for the development of a massive deep water port and the other infrastructure that this will bring.Drogheda Port Company have launched a process to have this port included under the Strategic Infrastructure Act and if they are successful they can use this act to bypass much of the environmental and heritage laws that could protect the area. Early this year when it was pointed out just how rich the area was in archeology the planners moved the centre of the planned port a mile to the north but the area in general seems destined to be developed.
The managing director of Treasury Holdings, the company who plans to build the port, is on record as saying that the heritage “can be worked around”.
However why Drogheda Port needs to expand has not been clarified. The ten state ports in Ireland are all under performing and need aid, industrial production is in free fall, jobs are leaving and our economy may never again reach the heights obtained when this development was first planned. Experts tell us that the world of production will move to Asia and that it is a service and smart economy which will survive here yet the plans for this port proceeds as though the opposite is true.
A Friend of Bremorte now asks you to help!
We wish instead to see an independent study based on the economic now, on the reality of the future, before a development is allowed which will again wreck our history, heritage and environment.
We believe we have a right to our heritage and the sites connected to it. These rights are enshrined in the UN Deceleration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a declaration signed by this present government in 2007.
We believe the proposed development may harm or destroy the environment of this area, including burial complexes of immense age, meaning and value.
It may mean grave desecration, something which is contrary to our culture and beliefs.
We ask you to please get involved and help ensure that the common good prevails and not the good and benefit of the few; a template which has caused so much destruction in Ireland and one which we tax payers have to pay for and which has landed us in the economic and environmental mess we are now in.

Monday, September 21, 2009